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What does Medical Massage Clinic do to protect its patients from Covid 19?

First off, I am vaccinated since February of 2021 and will get my next booster shot in October or November. Second, I require all my clients to remain masked during the entire session and offer KN 95 masks for best protection. I, myself, am wearing the KN 95 mask as well. I am now conducting greetings and intakes in my waiting room to allow for UVC and Ozone disinfection of my treatment room between clients. "Ultraviolet (UV) light exposure is a direct antimicrobial approach and its effectiveness against different strains of airborne viruses has long been established. The most commonly employed type of UV light for germicidal applications is a low pressure mercury-vapor arc lamp, emitting around 254 nm" (1*). I am using a 36 W germicidal UVC lamp using 254nm. The disinfecting range per the manufacturer is 400sqft. The room I am disinfecting has 250 sqft. That means my lamp can disinfect 400sqft per second exposure. I am running my UVC lamp for 5-10 minutes inbetween clients, and 60 minutes at night. Because these are the most exposed parts during a massage session, when the patient lays face down and to get into all the hooks and crannies, I position my head cradle and cradle holder right in front of the lamp where the potency is at its highest. In addition I wipe the cradle and holder with anti-viral wipes and disinfectant spray after each use. The UVC light can only deactivate viruses it comes in direct contact with. For this reason I have my fan going during UVC exposure to circulate the air so more air particles flow by the UVC rays and my lamp also produces ozone which is known to deactivate viruses upon contact. "Ozone is a powerful oxidant suitable for inactivating virus similar to SARS-CoV-2. (2*)". To minimize the ozone impact upon your respiratory tract, I open the outside door after UVC/Ozone sanitation for ventilation. This is all in addition to hand washing and sanitizing between clients and frequent door handle and bathroom handle disinfection. A copy of my immunization card is displayed in my lobby. If you have any questions, please text me anytime. You can rest assured that at Medical Massage Clinic you encounter higher grade disinfection then at your average doctors office, not to talk about your next door grocery store. After all, covid does not cause your back pain, tendenitis or frozen shoulder to magically disappear. For that reason, I am committed to the higgest standard of care and sanitation, so you can feel safe to get the help you need. Book your session today.

Check out what clients have to say about me: 1*( 2*(

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