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Barbara Brenkus

Best massage I have had in the US. Erin does a massage I can only get in Europe. Medical massage targets the root of pain not just affected areas. Its now part of my treatment to recover from neck pain. She does a great relaxing massage as well.


Deana DeWindt

Erin is absolutely top notch. She is so knowledgeable about the body and the muscles. She takes the time to explain the steps she needs to take to ensure proper healing and relief. I have so much confidence in knowing she is going to help by body heal and perform the way it needs to. I highly recommend her !

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Patti Hansen

Erin is fantastic! Very knowledgeable and does a great job. After I had no luck with cortisone shots, physical therapy, I went to Erin and she cured my frozen shoulder! Booking sessions with her really paid off! I highly highly recommend her.