As a rule of thumb I charge $90 an hour, second hour is $80. With a subscription plan you save upwards $10 per session if you commit to come at least once a month. Pricing Plans as low as $75 per session, check it out. Facials cost a little more depending on product use and devices. Most medical massage clients could also look into Health Insurance reimbursements or use an HSA account.

You also have the opportunity to receive a one time $10 discount for each referral. Referral discount applies to full priced sessions only and can not be added to a monthly plan.

Why do You charge more than other massage places?

Like in all industries, there are bad, good and better service providers. You can get a cheap handyman that tells you he can do your plumbing and costs you less than the actual plumbing company charges. But if he messes up, you will have to pay twice. Now massage therapy comes in three tiers. The cheap $30 massage at a corner shop where your supposed provider might not be licensed, does most likely not speak English and the legitimacy of the business, aka the status of the provider can be questionable, or at worst they deal with exploitation. Then you have the spa and wellness industry that ranges from average business standard session prices to super high resort massage costs. Those services are mostly geared towards wellness and relaxation. Most sole providers invest a lot in the best materials and want to sell what they believe in, not a product they have to sell. Services are often more creative and the provider is striving to complete a lot of continued education hours to provide the client with the best services possible. In my case, I am specialized in Medical Massage, which in other countries is considered a medical profession.

A sole provider has also more overhead than your average chain that can buy in bulk, as he cannot negotiate the lowest prices for products and supplies, and doesn't have a lot of people working administration and marketing for him, as is the benefit of operating a franchise. Your local small business is often more concerned to provide quality over quantity.


Now the best way you can save on your service price is to buy a plan or refer friends and family and take advantage of the many discounts and specials available. 

Thank you for supporting your small neighborhood business.

Unseen services included in your session:

  • Online marketing and marketing materials

  • Liability Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Tax Consultant

  • Book-keeping

  • Janitor

  • Space rent

  • Continued Education

  • Professional Association Fees

  • Licensing Fees

  • Utilities

  • Administration and Note-keeping

  • Laundry Service

  • Repairs and Equipment

  • Booking

  • Software and Website

  • And much more





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